Established in 1980 Butem has been operating in its new facility in Istanbul Hadimkoy together with its experience of 34 years of sheet processing. Offering products manufactured from thin and thick sheet to the leading brands of the world our company has been expanding its market share with the brand it creates itself for the last 10 years. Taking place in the sector with Sunmax brand our company has had a say in the market in a short time with the patents it received. Butem began producing steam generator as Finnmax brand in 2015.Making the technology following an objective Butem designs its products in threedimensional drawing programs and is able to produce in CNC machines without human touch.The technologies used move the production flexibility and efficiency to the customer satisfaction and make the products moredemandable in the market every passing day.Butem has been using state of the arttechnology ERP software in Planning and Shipping operations. Upgrading its operation quality with ISO 9001 (Quality Management System Certificate)-ISO 14001 (Environmental Safety Certificate) – ISO18001 (Laborer Health Safety Certificate) certificates and receiving ''CE'' Certificated for its products our company has equalized its standards to the European norms.