Hook-On Corridor System

It is much easier and safer to achieve designs with special size panels.Hook-on panels sits on J shaped cross carriers, which is hanged to L shaped Main carrier in cross direction. 
Due to being a concealed system, Hook-on panels have a monolithic look. 
It is very easy to install and demount.It is also possible have different size panels in one  system 

Galvanized Steel/Aluminum / Stainless Steel 
High acoustic performance with acoustic fleece up to w : 1,00 
Galvanize panel: 90% RH
Aluminum panel: 100 % RH 
Straight Panel: 9010 Painted % 86  Perforated Panel: 9010  Painted % 72
High performance in Blocking bacterial formation on panel surfaces by applying anti-microbial paint. 
Prior to paint. Sensitive surface cleaning and phosphate coverage is applied.60 minimum micron powder paint is sprayed by electrostatic system through 6 robots and cooked in a 180 meters long oven. The entire painting process takes place automatically by computer control.


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