Expanded Metal System

1. PANEL TYPE: Welded from side  

  • This model is recommended for flatten mesh types or non-flatten mesh with cell size smaller than 40x20. 

2. PANEL TYPE: Welded inside frame 

  • Preferred type, when a visual frame wanted around panel.
  • Any size of mesh is possible.
  • Suitable for all ceiling system

3. PANEL TYPE: Welded underneath of frame 

  • Suitable for all mesh types
  • It ıs used when any mesh material view is preferred.
  • Can be used with all ceiling systems. 

4. PANEL TYPE: Bended with no frame 

  • mesh cell size must be under 30x10 mm.
  • Panel width can be MAX 600 mm.
  • Panel must be carried from shorth side.
  • Only flat-hook on system are applicable. 


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