Standard Baffle System

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For wide open area design it offers linear continuity.

Special lock system of carrier profile provides easy, secure and quick mounting.  

Different baffle panel size (W-H) and gap alternatives are possible as production. 

Perforation can be applied for design and acoustic concern. 

Different finishings are possible, RAL color, wood-a-like, Anodized… 

Material Options
Galvanized Steel/Aluminum  
High acoustic performance with acoustic fleece up to w : 1,00 

Galvanize panel: 90% RH 
Aluminum panel: 100 % RH 

Light Reflection
Straight Panel: 9010 Painted % 86  
Perforated Panel: 9010 Painted % 72
High performance in Blocking bacterial formation on panel surfaces by applying anti-microbial paint. 

Prior to paint, sensitive surface cleaning and phosphate coverage is applied minimum 60 micron powder paint is sprayed by electrostatic system through 6 robots and cooked in a 180 meters long oven. The entire painting process takes place automatically by computer control. 

Standard Wood-a-like Baffle

Wood-a-like baffle ceiling system reflects wood characteristic advantages to the area, at the same time the system eliminates the disadvantage of wood product 

Both Galvanized/ Aluminum material can be applied.

Angle Finished  Baffle System

Any angle finished is possible. 


Radial  Baffle System