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To observe environment legislation and to keep up to date. 

To provide environmental development in every potential areas. 

To determine environmental extent and to determine environmental impact assessments and damages. 

To proceed awareness activities for our employees and related parties regarding environment consciousness through training and bulletins . 

To be model  to the community, our suppliers, related parties  and other companies with our environmental  implementation, to share our knowledge and experimentation, to make contribution to spread out environment consciousness 

To protect ecological balance during production processes  taking  all necessary precautions and to provide reducing hazardous impacts.  

To reduce use of natural sources and to reduce waste during production processes , to work for reducing the pollution to monitor air, soil and water and production activities, to detect environmental impact assessments and  damages. 

To work compliance with  all environmental  regulations and codes, to work for improve our environmental health performance,  in according with the principles determine the aims and targets and declare the advances every year .

In the light of these principles to apply ISO 14001 Environmental Management System requirements constantly and work for develop.


To keep our principles active our aims and targets are;


• To record the whole environmental accidents and  near-miss cases and take essential precautions.

• To reduce the consumption of products that extract hazardous waste as far as possible. 

• To minimize the pollution and the waste.

• To supply training to the employees and our suppliers. 

• To increase the energy efficiency.

• To ensure disposal of hazardous waste from our production and activities. 

• To categorize recycle materials in proper recycle bins and to decrease the ratio of recycled materials.

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