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FBS Systems (Patented)

Aesthetic, Functional and Durable Solutions  

As Bütem Metal, we offer aesthetic and functional metal suspended ceiling solutions for all kinds of spaces. We add value to your spaces with our durable and customizable ceiling systems suitable for modern architecture.

Our product range comes in a wide variety of designs and each is carefully crafted to meet both your visual and functional needs. Our ceiling systems, including baffle, clip-in, hook-on, seismic, slimline and more, are designed to meet all kinds of indoor and outdoor requirements. Whether it is a modern office space, shopping mall, subway or a traditional commercial space, Bütem Metal's metal suspended ceiling solutions adapt to any environment.

Our products are not only aesthetic but also extremely durable. Our products offer you an excellent investment opportunity with long-term use and minimal maintenance requirements. Our metal suspended ceilings increase the comfort and visual experience of your spaces by providing functional advantages such as sound insulation and energy efficiency.  

Bütem Metal offers professional solutions for all your metal suspended ceiling needs. If you are looking for aesthetics, functionality and durability together in your projects, contact us and discover quality.
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The patented FBS system is the intermediate layer that creates a suspension system that provides a regular and harmonious transition between the structural steel construction. When the design and superposition are done correctly, MEP and IT elements can be carried together with the ceiling, and thanks to its high carrying capacity, it can serve as an expensive production catwalk. The carriers used are more resistant to corrosion and have a longer life since they are painted in oven.

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  • When, due to building type, there are no suitable points to hang ceiling suspension system, FBS is right product for your project. 

  • FBS system can also be designed in a way to carry MEP and IT components.

  • It is possible to span distance up to 8 m to create hanging points from suspension system with patented clamps

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FBS Metal Asma Tavan Sistemleri Patentli Sistem-1


Galvanized Steel/Aluminum / Stainless Steel 


High acoustic performance with acoustic fleece up to αw: 1,00 



Galvanize panel: 90% RH 

Aluminum panel: 100 % RH 



Straight Panel: 9010  Painted % 86

Perforated Panel : 9010  Painted % 72



High performance in Blocking bacterial formation on panel surfaces by applying anti-microbial paint. 


Prior to paint. Sensitive surface cleaning and phosphate coverage is applied. 60 minimum micron powder paint is sprayed by electrostatic system through 6 robots and cooked in a 180 meters long oven. The entire painting process takes place automatically by computer control. 

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