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BÜTEM A.Ş., is a company that produces in two main sectors Metal Ceiling, Metal Ceiling Carrier Profiles and Solar Energy, hot water systems, vapor generators.


In Turkey, BÜTEM A.Ş. takes the role of being pioneer in the market to set up the principles and standards.

Good business relations and customer satisfaction created over years ensure our business capacity and being reason to be chosen by our customers.

Our aim is to sustain providing the best product to the costumer in best quality condition in the future as same as we provided up to present.

Necessity to be in preferential place in the competitive lighting market continuously, our company is compliance with international standards, regulations and quality requirements.


Our first priority is always quality. To accomplish this goal our fundamental values are:


Our Mission

Through the agency of technology to produce high quality products and dedication to the highest quality of customer service


Our Vision

Providing high quality service to our customers in relevant costs in appropriate time by our satisfied employees.


Our Service

Our service understanding has costumer friendly approach and cover the process in the wide range spectrum from the starting point of business to the end and providing service in the using process.


Team Work

Having a team that their target is common, creating value under favour of their adapted works.

Our Colleagues

In the global word to make difference in market we move in knowledge that human is important .

We act responsibly to ensure our employee wellness and care.



In all conditions we take our responsibility to the environment as our major duty.



To deliver the work  to our costumer smooth and on time as  respectable, stable, reliable, honest, strong company

Regarding these values as BÜTEM A.Ş., to ensure a contemporary and universal quality policy our targets are;

  • Quality is definitive customer satisfaction. For this goal BÜTEM A.Ş., accepts principle that to provide the product with the all costumer requirements

  • BÜTEM A.Ş., encourage the employees to have wellness and care working environment to provide quality sustainability

  • BÜTEM A.Ş., works compatible with legal regulations and codes.

  • BÜTEM A.Ş., develops by using technology and existent sources efficiently.

  • BÜTEM A.Ş., accepts the Suppliers, employees and customers as partners of business.

  • BÜTEM A.Ş., take care of both inner and external environment.

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