Slimline Systems

Thanks to special lock system Slimline System is also suitable for under canopy areas and the system is preferred at corridor type spaces. 


Slimline panels continue along the area horizontally that helps continuous effect at ceiling appearance. System allows varied light fixture application so that it provides different design alternatives for projects. 

Slimline panel size: height is offered 100-150-200 mm. Length is up to 3000 mm. Pre-painted or post-painted alternatives are possible.


Galvanized Steel/Aluminum / Stainless Steel 


High acoustic performance with acoustic fleece up to αw: 1,00 



Galvanize panel: 90% RH 

Aluminum panel: 100 % RH 



Straight Panel: 9010  Painted % 86

Perforated Panel : 9010  Painted % 72



High performance in Blocking bacterial formation on panel surfaces by applying anti-microbial paint. 


Prior to paint. Sensitive surface cleaning and phosphate coverage is applied. 60 minimum micron powder paint is sprayed by electrostatic system through 6 robots and cooked in a 180 meters long oven. The entire painting process takes place automatically by computer control. 

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